About Majlistt

The Majlis ul Ulamaa is a forum for the scholars of Islam resident and active in Trinidad and Tobago to work together to define the authentic Islamic position on issues relating to Islam or affecting Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago.

Majlistt was established as a not-for-profit organisation in October 2013, serving as a forum where the scholars could meet to discuss and define the true Islamic position on all issues they see as relevant and immediate. It was established distinctly to work with scholars of established Muslim organisations along with other independent scholars within the community.


The mission of Majlistt is to define and disseminate the authentic Islamic theological position on matters related to Islam and the Muslim community of Trinidad and Tobago.


The Majlis has 3 organs that work together to facilitate its mission:

Shariah Council – the main body of Majlistt, the Shariah Council is the assembly of scholars who meet to set the agenda and deliberate on the issues, resulting in a final position. <click here to access more information on the Shariah Council>

The Secretariat – the Secretariat is the body responsible for the administration and on-going operations of Majlistt, as well as provide the necessary expertise to drive the required supporting roles and functions, which include corporate communications and information management. <click here to find out more about the Majlistt Secretariat>

The Board of Directors – custodians of the organisation, the Board of Directors oversee the effective administration, logistics and overall management functions so as to ensure a smooth and seamless operations of the other organs of Majlistt.

July 2022