Papers & Fatawa

Majlistt develops comprehensive, authentic Islamic guidance ‘Position-Papers’ that treat with specific issues which affect Islam and the Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago.

These papers sometimes are presented as fatwas (legal judgments) or as learned interpretations. The Fatawa and Position Papers are the deliverables and results of the activities within the development process.

All Position-Papers emanating from Majlistt follow a particular processunless otherwise stated, viz.:

Step 1: The position-papers begin as issues identified as important to be addressed by the Shariah Council based on their discretion, and the Islamic position is discussed from the various Shariah Council positions and perspectives.

Step 2: Once this discussion phase is completed, the position is issued in draft form, and open for public comment for a period of three (3) months – with notices being circulated to subscribers as well as special interest stakeholders.

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Step 3: Feedback is assimilated and the considered by the Shariah Council, following which the Final Position Paper is issued by the Majlistt under seal, and is communicated to the Muslim community and other interest groups.

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Position-papers are subject to review every five years from the date of issue, or sooner if new information on the topic of issue comes to bear.

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