What is MajlisTT?

MajlisTT is the shortform name of the Majlis ul Ulamaa (Council of Scholars), an organisation established to facilitate the various leading scholars working together to define one position on key matters affecting the Muslim community of Trinidad and Tobago.

Who are the scholars of the Majlistt?

The scholars working together on Majlistt include the following:

  • Mufti Asrar ul Haque
  • Maulana Azhar Ali
  • Maulana Atif Majeed
  • Maulana Junaid Ahmad
  • Maulana Kavir Mohammed
  • Sheikh Munaf Mohammed
  • Dr. Musa Mohamed
  • Maulana Siddiq Ahmad Nasir
  • Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed (Chairman)

Some popular scholars, and some from key institutions are are not included on MajlisTT. Why is that?

MajlisTT was established to accommodate all organisations and groups. All key groups were issued standing invitations, although not all were able or chose to accept. Insha Allah we hope to have them on board, and in the meantime we continue to consult and share with them on topics that are being dealt with.

Upon invitation, some have gone on to create parallel institutions, and if they prefer we work with the institutions, we are prepared to do so. If not, we wish them the best.

Are you competing with the other Muslim organisations?

Certainly not. All the scholars of Majlistt belong to one organisation or another, and continue to be a part of those organisations. Majlistt is simply an effort and a forum to have them work together to give a unified Islamic scholarly position on matters that affect Islam and the Muslim community of Trinidad & Tobago.

How are topics selected?

There is a standing list of issues to be addressed, and alongside these, matters may arise that require urgent attention. MajlisTT Shariah Council selects the working topic and does the research and compilation of information to form the final paper.

Why don’t we see more of the MajlisTT?

MajlisTT works with the scholars from the various institutions, and through their respective organisations. MajlisTT works through these scholars and institutions by default, and occasionally hosts its own events at locations advertised through the Jamaats and through social media.

What is the role of the secretariat?

The MajlisTT Secretariat is the organ that handles the administration duties of MajlisTT. It coordinates the schedules, arranges speakers where necessary, conducts research, manages the digital presence and interaction and other related tasks of MajlisTT. The Secretariat is hosted by the MAI Institute, who has been the primary sponsor and host of MajlisTT from inception.

How can I get involved?

We welcome all interest and efforts. Persons can suggest topics that need to be addressed; comment and feedback on papers; arrange for and invite MajlisTT to present at their organisations or communities; contribute of their time, effort or resources towards the operations or programs of MajlisTT. Anyone interested can email secretariat@majlistt.com to explore further.

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