Be Aware: Similar Name… Different Organisations

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Be Aware: Similar Name… Different Organisations


April 19, 2018

For Immediate Press Release:

Majlistt has been made aware of the existence of an organisation named Council of Scholars of Trinidad and Tobago. This name bears similarity to the translation of our organisation, Majlis ul Ulamaa (Council of Scholars), and therefore it is reasonable to expect some confusion in the minds of the public.

We would like the public to be aware that our organisation is named Majlis ul Ulamaa, and bears the URL and other brand identity as Majlistt. The organisation named Council of Scholars of Trinidad and Tobago is not connected in any way to Majlistt, and does not represent the views of Majlistt or the scholars involved. Majlistt was established in 2013 and holds the distinct role of facilitating leading Muslim scholars in Trinidad and Tobago to define one Islamic position on pertinent issues affecting the community.

We accept that each organisation is established with its own mandate and value proposition, and are free to assume any name of their reckoning. The existence of organsations are welcome, once their intent is distinct and not an attempt at identity fraud, misrepresentation or theft. In this instance, the name is similar and persons have come to us to comment on statements by other organisations, and therefore the need for this release.

If at any time you want to verify our content, visit us at or email us at

We look forward to engaging you in the future as we have in the past, under the brand Majlistt, and thank you for your ongoing engagement of our efforts.

Faheem Mohammed

Executive Director