Muslim Behavior and Conduct on Social Media

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Muslim Behavior and Conduct on Social Media

MajlisTT recognizes the explosion of social media and its explosion of use and impacts on society today. Manifest in different forms, it facilitates interaction, networking content consumption and broadcast, as well as comments and dialogue.

The technology can be a force for good or bad; progress or degradation; prosperity or poverty. If used responsibly, persons can benefit from social media in ways that are unparalleled. But what does responsible use entail? We consider the Islamic guidance from the Quran and Sunnah to inform those things we should do, those things we should avoid, and things we would want to remember as we use the tools.

In addition, there are some parameters that guide us as Muslims on our interaction with others and communication of messages. From the acceptability of use of profile photos, to the nature of content we interact with, and the types of conversation we engage in with others – Islam gives numerous considerations that help us to put our best foot forward.

We have considered various aspects of the technology, the dynamics of its use and the propensities of behavior from an Islamic perspective to help guide persons to do the right thing, and to benefit themselves, others and the community at large in the use of social media.

You can read or download the paper at: MajlisTT Social Media paper

As the technology and society evolves, there may be need to re-examine the topic and our positions. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help improve the content and context of this topic and our position.

Until then, may Almighty Allah allow us to always remember our duty to Him as His vicegerent on earth, and draw our example of behaviors and interaction from Sunnah.

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