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Some papers are difficult to work on. Divorce was one such paper – from considering the spread of issues, hearing from persons on how they feature and manifest, to the institutional and social implications of the process and outcomes… it is not pleasant to see and hear families and individuals going through these situations.

We recognize however, that people change, or their masks come off at some point, and whatever the reason, situations evolve to the point where divorce is a merciful option, and can save lives, safeguard health and create a better future than the present or past offers.

Why it happens, what is allowed, what isn’t, how it is all done… there are instances of mixed messages, misguided practices and misinterpretations which have all featured as we explored this topic. We hope that through this paper the issues would be addressed and the persons, and institutions, would all be able to engage in the right and proper conduct as enunciated in Islam.

There are, as well, many factors that need to be considered. What leads to divorce is a complex array of issues at the individual and interaction level, the influences of others in society, and the shortfalls or absence of key institutional support. What is required to prevent it, or help to resolve it, is equally a challenge across different strata in society. It’s even more unfortunate when politics feature to prevent impact success.

We believe, that strong individuals make strong marriages, which can withstand challenges and wherein persons can support each other towards development as individuals and as a family unit. And for the God-Fearing, in the face of difficulties, we have a useful reminder in the Qur’an, “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” Quran (13:28)

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Update in a New Normal

Alhamdulillah. All praises are for Almighty Allah, All-Knowing, All-Merciful.

Our last post was some time ago, but we have certainly been busy. Some new papers have been developed and released – see our Final Papers page for the list. From Unity in the Muslim Ummah, to Fundamentalism & Jihad, Covid and its derivative issues on Jummah and Eid, the Vaccine, and Managing Muslims in Healthcare, Ramadan issues, Du’a, Global and local community issues including Palestine and Selling Murtis, and most recently Divorce…. we have been listening to the community concerns and have been working to address them.

It is rewarding and fulfilling to note the international uptake to our papers and positions – which are being used, cited and referenced in academia and in other similar institutions throughout the world.

We also have some more developments in mind, which will be rolled out over the next coming months, and which will augur to your benefit as and within the community. More will be communicated as these unfold, and we look forward to your feedback as we move further towards One Position. One Voice. Ummah.

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